service coordinators - 1 volunteer needed (Week 5)

This role is a team of 2 people who serve as the coordinators of Sunday service from start to finish including: initial set up of signs/tables etc., attending the volunteer rally, and then making sure all volunteers have what they need for the morning. Once the service starts, this team is aware of any needs or issues that may arise and seeks to solve them to ensure things run smoothly. After the service, the team tears down signs/tables etc. and makes sure the building is put back in order after all volunteers leave. Commitment: Once/month (8:15 am until tear down of building is complete ~ 12:00 pm).


Volunteers in this role arrive at 9:15 am and after attending the volunteer rally, set up the sanctuary with Bibles, pens & bulletins. They greet people as they enter the building, creating a warm and welcoming place for all. In addition, the role includes handing out bulletins, helping people find seats, and then collecting the offering & ushering communion. One usher helps serve the wine/juice at the upstairs communion station. After the service, Greeter/Ushers do a clean up sweep of the sanctuary and put away all supplies. Commitment: Once/month (9:15 until clean up after service ~ 11:45 am)

communion - 1 volunteer Needed (Week 5)

Volunteers in this role arrive at 9:15 am, attend the volunteer rally, help set up the toddler room, and then during the service care for children ages 2 - 3 years. This includes engaging the children in positive play, reading Bible stories, assisting the children with coloring and creative activities, and snack time. Commitment: Once/month (9:15 through room clean up).


Volunteers in this role arrive at 9:00 to set up their laptop before running through slides with the band during sound check at 9:15. The slideshow is created for you ahead of time. During the service, the volunteer runs the slideshow. Commitment: Once/month (9:00 through end of service).

new guest table 

Volunteers in this role arrive at 9:15 am, attend the volunteer rally, help set up the New Guests Table and then welcome and engage with anyone new to the church. You provide information on upcoming events, ways to get plugged in, and help them connect with others in the church. Committment: Once/month (9:15 until clean up after service ~ 11:45 am) 

Connect TABLE - 3 volunteers needed (Weeks 2, 3 & 5)

Volunteers in this role arrive at 9:15 am, attend the volunteer rally, then set up the table with any event sign-ups, T-shirts, books etc. This is a place for members and regular attenders to connect with different happenings in the life of the church. Committment: Once/month (9:15 until clean up after service ~ 11:45 am)

Substitutes - Needed for all roles

If volunteers are unable to serve on their assigned week we ask them to switch with another volunteer from another week to cover each other's Sundays. Occasionally there are times when no volunteers are able to serve on a particular Sunday and in those situations we call on our subs to fill in. The commitment for this role varies and you are able to say yes or no when you are asked to fill in based on your availability. 

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