Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry exists to provide care, avenues of ministry, and opportunities of service for the women of our church. Women's Ministry hosts bible studies, socials, and outreach events.  If you're interested in learning more, check out the Events page or contact Christie Bowman, Women’s Ministry Director at christie@christcentraldurham.com.

Men's Ministry

We find great value in gathering together as men. In an increasingly disconnected culture, we value connecting as men, whether it be for fun or deep discussion around personal issues and Scripture. In light of this, we offer occasional social times, bible studies, retreat, and seminars.   Check out our calendar for upcoming Men's Ministry gatherings. 

Contact Aaron Anderson: aaron@christcentraldurham.com

College Ministry

Christ Central Church recognizes that we are uniquely positioned in the Triangle area that is in close proximity to many universities – if you are a college student, we want you to know you are welcome at Christ Central! Questions on getting involved? Info@ChristCentralDurham.com

Our College Ministry Partners:

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The Care ministry exists to identify needs, connect resources, and actively serve the body at Christ Central whenever individuals face seasons that beckon the care of others. We are available to coordinate care for an existing or upcoming need, to come alongside City Groups that are providing care and need support, and to connect those desiring to provide care to those in need.

  • Circumstance that can require care may include: Birth, Upcoming Surgery, Death in the family, Sudden Illness, Ongoing Illness, Adoption, Foster care, Other significant events

  • Types of care that might be needed: Meals, Childcare, Transportation, Running Errands/ Picking up groceries

If you know of a current care need in our body or if you would like to help with existing care needs please email info@christcentraldurham.com. 

Care Ministry